Tim's Fencing

Post Masters

How Post Masters Works:

Normally, wood fences are built with wooden posts that serve as the “backbone,” keeping the fence upright. However, as the years go by, we often notice wood fences beginning to deteriorate, and usually it’s the upright post that goes first. That is where the revolutionary alternative, Post Masters, comes in!

Made of steel, these upright posts are guaranteed to last longer than the standard wooden ones! Post Masters helps you prevent your fences from rotting out or warping over time and can withstand the usual wear and tear that the years bring to a wood fence.


Why Install Post Masters:

  • Easily hidden from view on both sides
  • Used for almost any style of wood fence
  • Works with standard 2×4 rails
  • Can withstand up to 73 MPH winds
  • Limited lifetime warranty

We are the only fence company in Knoxville offering Post Masters!