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Our Team

Logan Tharp

Hi! I’m Logan Tharp and I’ve been with Tim’s Fencing for a year now. I am married and we have 2 crazy dogs named Jack and Charlie. Hobbies of mine include golf, music, anything with an engine and putting work out clothes on to end up sitting on the couch with my wife watching netflix. I transitioned from owning my own business to Tim’s because I wanted to be a part of what they were building and creating. I now get the opportunity and privilege to consult new customers everyday. I love Tim’s and I know you will too. See you soon! 


Jayme Tharp

Jayme is the one on our sales team that zips around town in the van. Jayme was born in Kingsport Tennessee, he is as local as it gets! His favorite pastime is being an awesome dad to his three kids and a rockstar husband to his wife. Jayme also has a couple of fur babies Dixie and Diesel that frequent the shop, Diesel is a rescue. Jayme’s favorite part about working at Tim’s Fencing is getting to meet new people every day, making friends and helping them solve problems. Believe me when I say this…. he can’t wait to meet you!

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Daniel Bolton

Daniel is our lead in house installer. He will be the one to come out to your house and make any adjustments if needed to your fence post installation or do any custom work. Daniel has 2 kids Ellis who is 6 and Liam who is 3 and a half. Some of the activities Daniel likes to do are going hunting, fishing, disc golfing and riding his side by side on the weekends. His favorite part of working at Tim’s Fencing is being out “Class Clown” and making jokes and everyone around him laugh.

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Stephanie Baer

Stephanie is our front desk admin, and her favorite color is yellow. That tells you enough about who she is! She has 2 puppies, Nunk and Chleo. Stephanie loves her Pittys! Her favorite hobbies are crafting and baking (cookies for everyone in the office at least once a week). She is originally from Missouri but has grown up in Tennessee. With that being said she loves the mountains here but misses the snow at home. She has the super power of making everyone around her feel appreciated and heard. Stephanie’s favorite part of working at Tim’s Fencing is that it feels like a family (and she actually means that).

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John Huff

Meet John! John is one of our sales staff that is happy to come to your home and check out your fencing needs. He is married to his wife Jennifer and they have 5 kids! He loves the small town feel that Knoxville gives you while being in a bigger city, he also enjoys being close to the mountains. He likes his job because he gets to meet and service new people every day and enjoys the people that he works with as well. Want to know a fun fact about John? He used to be a professional wrestler and went by the stage name Johny Swindler! John looks forward to meeting you and getting your fence job started! 

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Nic Manuel

Hi! My name is Nic Manuel and I am a salesman with Tim’s Fencing! I have a huge family, most of them are back in Washington where I am from. I miss them everyday, but I love exploring new cities all over the world. My favorite spots at the moment are market square and Ijams nature center. My favorite place I have been to is Madrid! I love the vibe and culture of Tim’s Fencing. In my spare time I enjoy singing and dancing, West Coast Swing is my specialty. I don’t have any pets of my own, but many people say I will always help a dog in need. 


Mike McKeever

Hi! My name is Mike McKeever and I am the head of Quality Control at Tim’s Fencing! I was born in Tulsa, but I don’t consider myself a transplant. I have been in Knoxville since I was 1 and was raised in Karns (go Beavers!) with my two brothers. My best pal is my 15 year old Chocolate Lab, Bo. I love the atmosphere and the kind people of Knoxville. Though my hobbies consist of anything to do with a car. I previously served in the Marine Corp as a combat engineer. My favorite thing about Tim’s Fencing is the overwhelming support from everyone, it is one big team here. 


Juan Aranda

Hey there I am Juan! I love working at Tim’s Fencing and with clients and seeing their smiling faces after I help them. Like other staff at Tim’s Fencing I LOVE dogs. I have my sidekick Kobe who is a Great Pyranees mixed with retrievers. We love to go hiking at local spots together on the weekends. I also enjoy golfing. My favorite thing about Knoxville is Saturdays in the fall. A fun fact about me that I like to share is that I have ran a half marathon. I cant wait to meet you and help you get your fence job taken care of! 

Milo Joker

Hey, I am Milo, the Marketing Executive at Tim’s Fencing. I am in a committed relationship of 3 years, my girlfriend and I have a black cat named Jax and we plan on getting a dog soon. A few of my hobbies include mountain biking and photography and in the colder months you’ll find me snowboarding any chance I can get. My favorite part about living in Knoxville is the proximity to the Smoky Mountains, the awesome restaurants and the friendly people that live here. The best part about working at Tim’s Fencing is the laid-back work culture and supportive staff.